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Welcome to Art Like a Ladie!

Hi I'm Katie! If you're reading this or follow me on instagram, you probably already know that I'm an artist. What you might not know is that I am also (newly) a lawyer.

I think I probably came out of the womb crafting. As a child, instead of summer camp, I took painting lessons. In my youth, I also dabbled in fashion - some of my signature looks in grammar school consisted of 2 different color converse and a jean Mickey Mouse button down collared shirt covered in safety pins with different colored beads (super cool look, I know). Jewelry was a natural segue for me, seeing that I have always felt that it is wearable art.

Growing up my mom always said our religion is to be kind and gentle to everyone and I try to live that everyday. I think that it's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.

The year after college I was diagnosed with ADHD, which explained a lot, and also profoundly changed my life. Facing a less than supportive environment in law school, I started the Association of Law Students for Disability Rights to help advocate for myself, other students with disabilities and incorporating universal design into legal education to make it more accessible to all different types of learners.

I just passed the CA Bar Exam and plan to practice child advocacy. Passing is definitely my proudest accomplishment thus far BUT I still have a lot of things left on my to do list. I don't think I would have survived law school or the bar without my art, my mom, and my dog, to keep me centered.

I know I don't really fit into the typical mold in that I don't have one area of focus. I paint, I draw, I make jewelry. I sew, I repurpose, I build stuff, and I really really love my rescue dog/muse, Molly (follow her on her adorable adventures on instagram @mollythemaltishit ).

My ideas and inspiration aren't predictable and so (I hope) my creations aren't either. So thanks for sticking along for the ride!

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