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W.O.W.  September was a BIG month...

Is this really happening?
I'm not someone that dreamed about my wedding growing up.  I wasn't anti-marriage but I couldn't really visualize meeting someone that I would want to spend my life with or who would want to spend his life with me.  It's incredible how much can change in a year.

When we first met and Adam said he would change his ticket to visit me again before heading back home to Australia, I thought to myself, "ya right."  But he did.

When he first said he was going to move to the U.S. for us to be together, I thought, "no way Jose.  That's nuts."   But he did that too.

When he gathered together our closest friends and family, leading me on a scavenger hunt throughout the city to all the landmark spots in our love story, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him I asked him, "is this real life?  Is this really happening?" before he reminded me that "now is the part where you say 'yes'."  And I said YES.

I have never been so happy to be proven wrong so many times and I am so thankful for Adam showing me that fairytale romances aren't reserved for children's books or Sex in the City characters.  Our love story is my favorite and I am so grateful for my sneaky friends and family for being a part of it.

Feeling RAW

Dear Friends -

Do you like photography, art, fashion, music, alcohol and me?  Then you're in luck!  On Wednesday, October 11th, 7:00PM, at 1015 Folsom, I am participating in Raw Artist San Francisco!  I have been hustlin' my butt off preparing for this event and have loads of NEW prints to bring.

Here's the catch though - I have to sell 20 tickets to participate!  I love being able to share my art so I really hope you can attend and support my craft by purchasing a ticket through this link (please purchase through this link so I get "credit" for the ticket).  If you can't attend, no worries - you can still support me by purchasing a ticket and helping me get to the show!  The cutoff to buy tickets is this Friday, Oct. 6th.

Save money buying your ticket online for $22 versus $30 at the door.

There will be so many cool creatives and something for everyone.  Please invite friends!  You can check out the other participants here:

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you there!!! Xoxo
 💋Ladie Katie

Ladie Katie International

Ladie Katie Went to London!  London is my favorite place in the world.  I love everything about it - the architecture, the museums, the food, the shopping, the tube, the accents, the fashion...everyone looks so chic there!  I did study abroad in London so it was fun to re-find some of my old hangouts (like this great vintage store by Portobello road).  My creepy paper dolls and I were pretty busy.  Here's a peak of what we did:

Your SpooOoOky October Calendar
Okay, it's more cute than spooky but I like to say "spooOoOky" in my spooky voice.  Click here for your October Calendar.

That's all folks!  (for now...)

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