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Do you have that person on your list that's impossible to find a gift for?  Shop small this cyber Monday to find the perfect gift for the most difficult person on your list!


Meet my mom Linda.  She's impossible to shop for--no matter what we get her, chances are she returns it.  Not being able to find the perfect gift for her from the regular department stores, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started to make her gifts for birthdays and holidays.  I realized that for one, she couldn't return something if I made it for her, and additionally she didn't want to return my handmade gifts because they were specially made for her.


The easy way out is buying a gift card to someone's favorite store but, although convenient, they lack that person touch that the holidays is really about.  I mean, what would you prefer - a gift card from your best friend or a custom pet portrait of your dog that they had made for you?  Or a custom handstamped necklace with a special date on it?  Which would make your heart smile?

Check out this testimonial of a recent customer that ordered a custom dog portrait for her best friend getting married:


Be nice this holiday season and shop small on cyber Monday!  Enter the code CYBERMONDAY in my etsy shop and enjoy FREE shipping for 24 hrs!  Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!


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Here are some of my favorite custom gifts available in my shop.

1.  Custom handstamped hammered gold bar necklace

This necklace comes in silver or gold and I can handstamp pretty much anything you could think of on it--get a special date, a name or an inside joke.

2.  Custom Dog Portrait

If your best friend's best friend is furry with four legs then this is the perfect gift!  Memorialize their fur baby with a custom pet portrait that is guaranteed to make them smile!

3.  Something Snuggly

How about something that the dog owner and the dog can make use of?  A custom pet portrait pillow will be a snuggly and special addition to their home.  I hand make each pillow and hand paint the portrait using fabric paint so each is a unique and functional piece of art.

4.  From Bloggers to Business Owners

From bloggers to business owners, I've got you covered.  Show your support for a friends business with a custom logo, business card design, custom website banners, or a custom logo tote to help them take their hobby to the next level!

5.  Newlyweds, New Pillows

After the customary gift giving from their registry for the wedding, show your love to the newlyweds with these custom pillows with their portraits!  I originally made this for one of my best friends when she was going to be apart from her husband for a year for school.  I wanted them to be able to sleep next to each other even when they were apart.

6.  A Gift for Coffee Lovers

Get a custom coffee mug for the coffee lover in your life.  I can paint pretty much anything on it - an inspiring quote, their dogs silhouette, their name, or an inside joke.

7.  For the Disorganized Mind
Help your bestie stay on track with a customizable planner!
Or get one for a girlboss so they can kick 2016s butt.

8.  Help Stock a Custom Stocking

Get someone a custom stocking with their name or their pets!

9.  Art for your Heart

The doctor is in - send a loved one an art prescription and she will receive one original print a month for the length of her prescription tailored to her interests and preferences!

10.  Stop Whining and Start Wining

Stop whining and start winning with this hand foiled wine lover print.

Have something else in mind?  Send me a message on etsy or email me at and lets create something special together!

Happy Holidays!

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