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If you’re going to judge a book by its cover…then let’s hope it’s a book written by this bay area badass, runner, author, and artist, Cait Chock.  In addition to being an artist, she is a published author, and what lies between the pages of her book may surprise you. 

Going through her cheeky, sometimes silly (okay, a lot of the time silly), sometimes sassy and always entering instagram photos (make sure you follower her @caitchock), you may not know that this artist/jokester was a professional runner for nike!   A few chapters into the book of her life, you’d also be surprised to find out that she was in a car accident that almost resulted in her losing her leg.  Not only did she prove the doctors wrong by running again, but credits the accident for her career change. 

“Be inspired by many, aim to inspire at least one,” reads a recent blog post of October’s Fierce Female.  Mission accomplished Miss Chock!  Without further ado, I’d like to introduce to you to my friend and member of my boss lady tribe, Cait Chock and her sidekick Leo.


Name:  Cait Chock

Age:  29

Job Title: Freelance Artist

Education Background: Self-taught Artist

Etsy Shop is Cait Chock:

Instagram: @caitchock


1.     What can you tell us about your kankle and how do you think that experience influences your art?

Fierce Female, Act Like A Ladie, inspirational women, girl boss, artist, Cait Chock, boss lady tribe, lady tribe, entrepreneurs, female artists, girl gang , Cara Delevingne
The kankle!! Haha…I’ll say it harbors my ‘superpower’. ;) Just kidding. But going through the whole car accident and nearly losing my leg forced me to face a few things, one being an obvious career change. I had to find something I could do immobile and from home during my recovery. I was a professional runner before that so had grown used to just sticking my nose down and getting hard sh*t done, so I credit THAT to getting me through the recovery. I also credit my art for keeping me on the sane(r) side with all that time surfing the sofa.

For art influence, I’m inspired by images that are intriguing and eye-catching but not purely because they are ‘pretty’ or attractive. I like a touch of whimsy but with an aspect of ‘darkness’ or a little twistiness, if that makes sense. I like angles and facial expressions with emphasis on the eyes. Eyes tell a story and a bit of ‘twisted’ chaos makes for, in my opinion, a unique breed of beauty. So my kankle, it’s ugly and scarred, but I’m proud of the story it tells and a statement of my personal strength.

     2.     Are you a full time Maker/Artist?  If so, how did you make that transition?

Yes, I work full time as a freelance artist. During my recovery I started doing mainly freelance writing work, most of that being for running outlets, so all non-fiction. As most artists know they don’t call us ‘starving’ for no reason, so I’d do art on the side because it’s what I was much more passionate about but it didn’t pay the bills…haha. In 2015 I decided to give up the writing and focus just on the art and creative. It was a leap, but one that I’m happy I made.

3.  You are also a writer.  Does the story line shape the illustrations or do the illustrations shape the story?

I love the creative writing, and do come up with personal stories for the people and characters as I’m drawing. I like to imagine the personality and background they have (why are they making this expression??) because I feel it shapes the art. And as I said before, the eyes tell a story and I want anyone looking at my art to come up with a background story for my pieces. It doesn’t have to be the same one as I’ve created, but as an artist I want to incite creativity in my viewers and get them interested in more than just the lines on the paper.

4.  What is the best part of your job?  And what is the toughest part of it?

Best part: being your boss and setting your hours! Haha. I love to be able to play with my dog when I want and do my own ‘thing’. Worst part: the constant dual role of having to produce and then find your next source of income. If I could create all day I would, the marketing and seeking out job leads part I could do without...or wish I could outsource that task to my dog. ;)

Queen Midas
5.  You say on your blog that “Art is all about challenging yourself with new endeavors and evolving as an artist, so I’ve enjoyed playing with these new portraits” in describing your recent pencil realism, where else do you see your art going?  Or where do you want it to go?

Why thank you! Okay, so I am all self-taught, and drawing was just something I would do for fun. Up until recently I didn’t do much realistic drawing because I have OCD and realism brings out that perfectionist in me and it’s ‘stressful’ for me because you go into this ‘hate’ mode where it’s not looking like you want and you want to burn the paper…haha. BUT…I wanted to challenge myself and if you have a weakness, work on it. So that’s what I’ve been focused on lately. I switch to drawing some cartoons and characters to ‘de-stress’ or have more ‘fun’ after I’ve worked on enough hair strands I want to poke my eye out.

6.  What is the best advice you have for budding artists/makers/entrepreneurs?

Just do your own thing. Be YOU. Don’t compare yourself to others, something very hard to do; but, often times doing that will lead you to just be hyper critical of yourself. Art is driven by passion and reflective of you, so certainly be inspired and let others influence your work, but let yourself evolve see and where you take that inspiration.

7.  On your blog you say, “Be inspired by many, aim to inspire at least one.”  Who inspires you?

So many people and for various reasons. Artistically, I have mad girl crushes on Jamie Lee Reardon and Kei Meguro…both insanely talented and such striking work for very different reasons. Also love Disney and anything Tim Burton. And without sounding totally Hallmark, but being completely genuine, my two younger siblings. They inspire me daily for too many reasons to list.

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One of my favorite Leo cartoons
 8.  What is something that we don’t know about you?

I made mention of him above, but my dog, Leo. I’m a crazy dog lady…haha. He has his own Instagram account @leotheshihtz and I actually made him his own cartoon series which I share on there. #AdventuresOfLeo

9.  Anything else you’d like to add?
I live and breathe sarcasm. Humor. That’s also a big one that got me through the hardest parts of my life. Making fun of myself, even in the darkest times….I’d rather be laughing than crying…always.

So there you have it people.  The magic is in the kankle.  Where do you get your superpowers?  I'd love to hear about what inspires you!


PS Do you know someone you think should be featured as next months Fierce Female?  Leave a comment with your recommendations! 


Just What the Doctor Ordered - Art Prescriptions by Ladie Katie


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I'm a long-time believer in the power of art to heal.  It is with this in mind that I am excited to announce the new addition to my etsy shop:  Art Prescriptions by Ladie Katie.

Just like a doctor prescribing a medication, these Art Prescriptions are tailored to each "patient" or client.

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When you subscribe, you fill out a questionnaire  that I use to customize/personalize your prescription based on your interests and preferences.


You decide how long the prescription will last:  3, 6 or 12 months.  The longer you subscribe the more you save--and the more you smile.

With the holidays quickly approaching, what a gift for the person that has everything!  Or hell, treat yourself to receive a little surprise every month!

Take care of yourself!  Make sure you're getting your monthly dose - sign up here today!

Art for your heart--it's just what the doctor ordered!




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Remember the custom illustration I did for @toothfairypixie a couple months ago?  Pixie's mom, Marie, contacted me about doing a custom portrait of her furry best friend to raise money for disabled dogs.  As a dog lover and disability rights advocate, this project was right up my alley!  If you haven't checked them out yet please visit their blog, drool of happiness to learn more about their incredible story.

Just in time for pumpkin spice lattes, the Pixie Portrait is now available on a mug!  10% of the proceeds will go to helping a blind dog in need!

Get some perspective--from your dog.  Check out my interview of Marie and Pixie and Molly's Top Ten List here.



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Gold foil prints are SO chic and are surprising not that hard (or expensive) to make at home by yourself!   

Here is what you'll need:

1.  Gold foil (I used this minc foil .  There are other more expensive foils out there but this $12 one worked for me and I didn't use the special mind foil machine with it)
2.  A laminator!  I got mine on amazon for only $21!  Get your own here 
3.  A LASER printer (I don't know the science behind this or anything, but you must print your image using a laser printer. Of course I had read this but the rebel in me tried using my non-laser printer anyway and the gold just doesn't stick)
4.  An image you want to print (it can be anything.  For this tutorial I drew a cute little pineapple but if you aren't really an "artist" you can just find some fun fonts and type out whatever cute saying you want in word.
5.  Nice paper to print your image on.  Here, I used photo paper which worked out great.

1.  Print your image in black ink using the LASER printer on your fancy paper. 

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2.  Cut a piece of the gold foil large enough to cover the entire image.  Whatever is black on your image will get gold foiled.  You don't use anything to keep the foil on--you just place it on top of your image.  And make sure the gold part is right side up!  The first time, I accidentally did it with the other side up (the other side is white/silverish) and nothing happened.  Try to smooth out the wrinkles and air bubbles.  I just used a credit card to smooth them out.  PS  I was able to find this rose gold foil on clearance at Joann's fabrics!  SCORE

3.  So, as you may have noticed, I love doing things on my own for as little as possible, aka from shit to chic.  So instead of buying the actual minc gold foil machine (available here for nearly $100), I used my trusty new amazon laminator.*  I simply turned it on and let it heat up, as indicated by the green light.  Then I stuck the image with the gold foil through the laminator.  It will look the same as it comes out the other side. 

*side note, you can actually do this without a laminator at all!  You simply follow the same above steps but instead of putting the paper through the laminator you put it back in the paper tray of your LASER printer.  Then you print a blank document and the heat of the printer when the paper goes through will make the gold foil stick to the image.  This way the print will turn out way more "rustic" looking though--the gold foil won't consistently stick to all the black ink and will result in something like this:

 4.   If the paper is too hot after coming out, give it a second to cool off and then start pulling off the gold foil.   Your new gold foiled image will be revealed! Tada!

Enjoy your new shiny print!  Be careful though -- this can be highly addictive!  I just want to gold foil everything!  

My assistant, and Director of Fluffiness, Molly, taking a rest after the "exhausting" process of print making.

What will you be gold foiling today?  Let me know if you have questions!

Don't want to do it yourself?  Visit my etsy shop here for gold foil prints or request a custom order.

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Holy Chic, DIY Gold Foil Print, DIY, DIY gold foil, gold foil print, do it yourself, gold print, DIY gold print, free tutorial, DIY tutorial, gold print tutorial, gold foil print tutorial, Act Like A Ladie, #paintedladie,, LadieKatie, Ladie Katie