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Sewing Loopholes in Law, Life and Fashion

Coloring outside the lines and breaking rules in fashion and in life.

High Standards but no High Socks

I’ve always had a unique sense of style.  Growing up my parents (bravely) for the most part let me dress myself.  My mom still tells the story about how in kindergarten I refused to wear normal underwear because I didn’t like how high they came up.  Ahead of my time, at the ripe age of 5, I knew low-rise undies were my jam.  My aversion to high-rise and high-wasted apparel extended to not wearing socks above my ankle and branding turtlenecks as demonic.

Walk a Mile in My (mismatched) Shoes

Other pre-teens were hooked on phonics when my shoe addiction began.  Naturally, I liked coordinating my shoes with my outfit and found that nail polish worked great to transform the stripes on my Adidas into any color I wanted.

Then in 5th grade, after being diagnosed with learning differences, my parents decided to send me to a private school.  Besides the initial sadness that I would be leaving my friends, I thought that the idea of a uniform was a social injustice—a gross suppression of my first amendment right of self-expression. 

Upon discovering exactly how limiting my uniform was (i.e. no jewelry except stud earrings, no nail polish, no makeup, just the sailor top and pleated skirt), it appeared my only opportunity to display my unique sense of style would be in my shoe selection.  Thus, for all of 5th grade I wore two mismatched converse—a red shoe on my left and a green shoe on my right.  Nowhere in the rulebook did it specify that your shoes had to match. 

Sew Sketchy

The uniform continued in middle school, as did my devotion to experimenting with what adjustments I could get away with.  Many of my afterschool activities were with kids from the public schools and I didn’t want my uniform to be the first thing people noticed about me.  Wearing shorts and a tank top under the sailor outfit was simple enough but I also needed a place to hide my prohibited beauty products.  With “cubbies” instead of lockers, there was no privacy for our things and if a teacher saw makeup at school it would be taken away.  Thus, I sewed a secret and detachable pocket with Velcro to the inside of my skirt with my beauty essentials.  Years later, I ran into a girl a few years younger than me in school who asked me about my secret makeup pocket, revealing that the legend of it proceeded me.

Runaway with me to the Runway

I can appreciate the irony in a person that literally sews her own loopholes around the rules would end up practicing the law.  However, this is actually why the law is appealing to me.  Just like how you can give two artists the same materials—a canvas, some paint, and brushes—and end up with two completely different pieces of art, so is true with the practice of law.  You can give two lawyers the same applicable law and get two completely different arguments regarding how it applies to the case at hand, which would result in entirely different rulings.

So is true with fashion.  I’ve always seen fashion as art that you wear.  This is probably why I am so in love with fashion week.  It’s not as though the concept of clothing is new—people have been wearing it for hundreds of years.  For me, a main attraction of the show is seeing how each designer can take something familiar, for example a dress, and transform it into something new and different.  As a vintage lover and treasure hunter, I also love seeing the resurrection of past fashion trends incorporated with new ones.

Rachel Zoe

As a vintage glamour addict, I have been a long time fan of Rachel Zoe.  I admire her ability to take something that would be considered over the top by many and pulling it off so effortlessly as everyday wear (like when she wears her fur vest in LA all year round!).  I was spellbound by her new collection that emphasized her affinity for vintage and embraced a romantic gypsy boho vibe.  Although we share an appreciation of the classic black and white ensemble, I found the infusion of her pops of color to be fun, fresh and feminine.

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Leanne Marshall

Marshall’s dresses look like watercolors brought to life.  The cool water inspired tones combined with the flowing silks, painted the runway.

Fashion Sketches, New York Fashion Week, Leanne Marshall, project runway, fashion illustrator, fashion illustration, fashion week, the show, Fashion week 2016

What's your favorite part about New York Fashion Week?  Who do you think slayed the runway?  I'd love to hear about who inspired you!  Let me know in the comments!



  1. Katie Ladie, you are so freaking cute. I saw your contest on Insta and sleepwalked to computer to not only enter, but it gave me a change to follow your blog. I love what you say. Im almost 60 years old. and everything you said.... applies to young and old. Keep up your hard work. I love Molly Mal-tease, Coco Co-tease.??and of course Pretty K-Tease have a great day. love Kathy

    1. Kathy - Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It's nice to know my mom's not the only one that actually reads my posts haha and you totally made me smile! Thanks so much for following Molly and me on our adventures and for your support and kind words! xoxo
      - Katie and Molly

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