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Who needs golden eggs when you can have golden balls?

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I love little knickknacks and chatzkies. They are like the characters in the various scenes around my apartment. For this DIY I made this little golden spike sphere inspired by the one pictured here by z gallerie for $30:

I made mine for my favorite price--FREE--with items I had around the house. Even if you aren't a hoarder like me and don't have these supplies lying around, you won't break the bank with these golden balls.


1. Ping pong ball
2. Drill with very small bit
3. Gold Spray Paint
4. Lots of tooth pics
5. Painters tape (optional)
6. Trash bag


1. Roll up a blob of painters tape and put it on the ping pong ball. Place the pingpong ball on top of a top (for example the top of the spray paint). This is so when you spray paint the ball it doesn't roll around.

2. Lay out a trashbag in a well ventilated area outside to protect the ground (side note: my little deck at my apartment always looks like a scene from Dexter, covered in plastic) and spray that little bugger. Let that side dry and then flip the ball over and spray the other side.

3. After the ball is completely dry, you are ready to drill! I put the pingpong ball on top of this tape dispenser so it wouldn't move around while I drilled. I did not pre-measure or draw dots before drilling I just went around in circles as evenly as I could. If you are more anal about placement though then you could measure beforehand.

4. After you drill the holes, stick toothpics in them. I used the fancy one side spiked and one side flat toothpicks. I put the sharp side inside the hole so the more flat side would be the exposed point. I used the smallest sized bit that I had to drill the holes so I didn't need to use any glue to hold the toothpicks after shoving them in the holes.

5. After every hole has a pick (sorry this post sounds so naughty!), you are ready to spray paint again! Spray one side, let it dry, flip it over and spray again. It might take you a couple flips to make sure you don't miss any spots.

6. Tada! Your golden ball is ready to be exposed (hehe). Who needs golden eggs when you can have golden balls? Doesn't it look cute in my workshop?

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