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Love Rescued Us - Win a Pixie Tee & Custom Dog Portrait!

When Marie first emailed me about doing a pet portrait, I initially thought it would be like any other pet portrait.  Don’t get me wrong—I paint every dog portrait from the perspective of his or her mother’s eyes, spreading, smearing and blending love with every stroke of my brush.  But, as I followed the links Marie included in her email about Pixie and her cousin, Daisy, I realized that this was about more than a single pet portrait.

Marie and her sister, Sheena, started their instagram accounts to raise awareness of special needs pets.  After seeing the pics of Marie and Pixie on their website, Drool of Happiness, their love for each other (and their cause), I knew I wanted to be part of both.  In fact, although we hadn’t met, like a new pair of distressed denim, there has always been something that felt very familiar and comfortable about Marie and Pixie.   Although we (Marie and I) technically rescued our dogs (Pixie and Molly), there is the underlying understanding that they also rescued us.  Having both experienced the power of love through our rescues, it is no wonder that Marie is trying to make the world a better place for rescue pets and the humans that adopt them. 

I guess, in the end, it is not about whether I rescued Molly or she rescued me—love rescued us all.  I think Pixie and Marie would agree.  To celebrate the love, Marie, Pixie, Molly and I have teamed up to do a giveaway!  Pixie and Marie will be giving away a Women’s Peony Pixie Tee and I am giving away a custom pet portrait!  To kick it off, we thought it would be fun to hear from the one that brought us all together—Pixie!  (with a little help from her Mom).  Make sure to also check out Marie and Pixie's post on Drool of Happiness to read about the top 10 lessons I've learned from my muse, Molly.  

Pixe is very expressive and I like to think that our bond is basically out of this world unicorn status that I know what she’ s saying with her little pig like noises. It’s crazy how I feel like we connect better than any dog I’ve ever met. I love being Pixie’s voice to fight against puppy mills and promoting adoption. You know how by simply having flowers in your room, you feel more positive and really do take a moment to smell the flowers. Well that’s exactly what Pixie’s become which is why I knew my shirt design had to include flowers. I hope that Pixie has the same effect on you! For a little chuckle here’s my Top 10 Things Pixie Would Say To Me If She Could Talk. 

10. If you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner how come I only get dinner?
9. You like go to the bathroom a lot. I only go twice a day.
8. I think you should quit your job so you can give me belly rubs all day.
7. I want a sibling.
6. That thing you call the Roomba is so frightening!
5. Thanks for introducing me to your family. I never had one before I met you.
4. Even though Daisy's wheels scared me at first, I think if we were to duel it out wheels/underbite vs mobile/toothless, I would win since I've been working out. 
3. Thanks for fighting against puppy mills on my behalf. I think they suck too and if I could have thrown my rotten gross teeth at them, I would have.
2. The date you adopted me was the best day of my life.
1. I love you more.  

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  1. Aww you're so sweet. Thank you for being part of our project and making the world a better place for all dogs!