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If at first you don't succeed, bring two parachutes just in case

Have you heard the expression, "if at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you"?  Although I have no real interest in skydiving (I'm afraid of flying in a plane.  No way am I going to jump out of one!), I am more so a believer in the mindset that "if at first you don't succeed, bring two parachutes just in case."

Sometimes, I think, all too often, people are too afraid to try something because they are afraid that they won't succeed.  Or they try once, don't succeed and give up.  I remember when I was younger, my friend Ali and I performed a magic show at my little brother's birthday party.  The kids ambushed us, taking apart our tricks and trying to figure out how they worked.  It was an epic fail for my first big magic show.  And I never did magic again.

I'm not telling you this because I live with the regret of not pursuing magic (although who knows--Ladie Katie could have been my magician stage name), but because now that I'm older, the idea of "failure" isn't as black and white as a rabbit in a hat.

I took the CA bar exam FOUR times!  Yes - you read that right.  Four, painful, exhausting, times.  Most people probably wouldn't advertise this but, honestly, I am not embarrassed--I am proud.  The test was not something that was easy for me.  I worked so hard for two years of my life and ya know what?  The struggle made it that much more rewarding when I got that life changing news that I, Katie Robert, had PASSED.

How did I finally succeed?  I tried different things.  I accepted that what worked for other people (ie watching barbri lecture videos), did not work for me and I was going to work to figure out what did work for me.  The first time I took barbri, the second time I had a tutor, the third time I studied on my own and the fourth time I got a different tutor.  I tried different approaches every time until I discovered something that clicked for me.

So what others may have considered failures, I see as the steps I took on my path to success.  My first parachute didn't deploy as planned but I had backups handy.  I tinkered with my parachute prototypes until I found one that achieved my desired outcome.  Just as you wouldn't jump out of a plane twice with the same broken parachute, so is true with life.  We aren't all one hit wonders and that's okay--that's what makes life interesting.  But things aren't going to change unless we do.  We have to be willing to try a different approach if we want a different outcome.

I find myself back in a familiar but not totally comfortable place where I have been working on something but it's not working for me.  This is why I have decided to, for now, no longer have my separate DIY blog  I'm not really getting rid of it--I am just incorporating it into the DIY section of Act Like a Ladie.  Although I love the name Shit to Chic (and still plan to name a book after it), it was too difficult and confusing to manage multiple blogs and probably confusing for my followers as well.  I'm not abandoning my love of repurposing and junking--I am just giving my love a new home here.  I hope this streamlines things for you and for me!  So this blog, Act Like a Ladie, will be your one stop shop for all things Ladie Katie--my art, my crafts, my thoughts, my DIYs, and my inspirations.

Thanks for joining me on this bumpy but beautiful adventure as I build my brand and my dreams.


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