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Hi and welcome to Act Like a Ladie by Ladie Katie!

I am Katie--the one-woman show behind Ladie Katie.  I wanted to start this blog to give a more complete, behind the scenes look of life as a young (maybe I'm not that young-is 28 still young?) entrepreneur/artist/lawyer.

I hear this is not the most common combination (ya think?), but I think there are many young women trying to make a name for themselves that have a "slash" in their job description.  I don't have it all figured out but I hope that you will join me on the adventure as I build my brand and try to balance life as a lawyer and artist.

I'm all about making my own path but who has time to reinvent the wheel?  I have recently been exposed to so many amazing female makers and entrepreneurs with their own inspirational stories.  Why don't we--female entrepreneurs, makers and shakers--share what we have learned and help each other out?

Act Like a Ladie, and by Ladie, I mean yourself.


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