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PAWssion for Fashion

As a passionate advocate for humans with disabilities, I am SO excited to share with you a project that has allowed me to expand that passion to include animals with disabilities.

I was so touched when I was contacted by Marie of Drool of Happiness about designing a t-shirt featuring her furbaby Pixie.  Her blog, Drool of Happiness is a dog blog about sisters obsessed with thier unique disabled dogs in pursuit of a cruelty free lifestyle.  Marie and her sister, Sheena, started instagram accounts for their dogs @toothfairypixie and @underbiteunite to raise positive awareness of special needs pets.  They even coined their own term for their special pups, lovingly calling them "Daisyabled."

10% of the sales from these Pixie Peony shirts will be allocated to a furry friend with special needs.

Please go checkout Pixie and her amazing family!  Visit their blog to learn more about their inspiring story and to order your own Pixie shirt here to help a pup in need!

Since my furbaby Molly, a maltese shih tzu, is a rescue, this project was near and dear to my heart.  I am so thankful that we were brought together.  Pixie and Daisy certainly ended up right where they were meant to with such wonderfully caring parents that set a new bar for ultimate furbaby mammas.

Katie and Molly


Ladie Katie as Dayna Langlois' INSPIRATIONAL WOMAN OF THE WEEK

I am so honored (and excited) to be featured as Dayna Langlois', of the Dayna Lee Collection, INSPIRATIONAL WOMAN OF THE WEEK!  For the full interview and Dayna's honest account of what it takes to build your own empire, go check out her NEW blog shes building her empire - she is pretty incredible!

In the interview I discuss balancing life as an artist/lawyer/maker and entrepreneur, my passion for disability rights issues, and what inspires me.  To read the whole interview visit her blog here.

Follow Dayna on instagram to see all of her inspirational prints, pouches and pillows!  @Daynaleecollection

It's so awesome to see makers supporting other makers and women empowering other woman.

Act like yourself,


Hi and welcome to Act Like a Ladie by Ladie Katie!

I am Katie--the one-woman show behind Ladie Katie.  I wanted to start this blog to give a more complete, behind the scenes look of life as a young (maybe I'm not that young-is 28 still young?) entrepreneur/artist/lawyer.

I hear this is not the most common combination (ya think?), but I think there are many young women trying to make a name for themselves that have a "slash" in their job description.  I don't have it all figured out but I hope that you will join me on the adventure as I build my brand and try to balance life as a lawyer and artist.

I'm all about making my own path but who has time to reinvent the wheel?  I have recently been exposed to so many amazing female makers and entrepreneurs with their own inspirational stories.  Why don't we--female entrepreneurs, makers and shakers--share what we have learned and help each other out?

Act Like a Ladie, and by Ladie, I mean yourself.